TW@O: May 7 - 11, 2018

This Week at OLLI:
7  Monday
  • TBA am  O: Walkers/Light Hikers p31
  • 10am M: French Conversation p48
  • 10am M: Utah War or Buchanan's Blunder p40
  • 2pm M: Chorus p9
  • 2pm R: Preserving Nevada's Historic Sites p41
8  Tuesday
  • 9:30am  M: Lifescapes  p45
  • 10am M: Spanish Conversation *PRQ* p45
  • 10am R: Nature Lovers' Book Group p56
  • 2pm M: Cracker Barrel p51
9  Wednesday
  • 10am M: Journal for Everyday Life *PRQ* p46
  • 10am R: Lifescapes p45
  • 12pm M: Artown 2018 p15
  • 12pm R: Open Computer Lab p16
  • 2pm M: Wharton's, A Son at the Front p50
10  Thursday
  • TBA am  O: Hikers p28
  • 9:30am  M: Great Decisions - 2018 p52
  • 10am R: Round the Table at Redfield *PRQ* p53
  • CANCELLED: Dante and Luther p44
  • 12pm M: Spanish - Basic p47
  • 12pm O: Our Journey to Inner Peace p29
  • 2pm M: Community of Writers p47
  • 2pm O: Metaphysics p29
  • 2pm R: Understanding Great Basin Prehistory p43
11  Friday
  • 9:30am  M: Drop-in Watercolors p10
  • 10am R: Artown 2018 p15
  • 12pm M: French - Advanced p46
  • 2pm M: Blues for Boomers 101 p15
  • 8pm R: Stargazing at MacLean Observatory p56
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