TW@O: Oct 23 - 27

This Week at OLLI:
23  Monday
  • TBA am   OP: Walkers/Light Hikers p26
  • 10am  M: French Conversation p40
  • 2pm  M: Using Photo Elements 10 *PRQ* p15
  • 2pm  M: Chorus - Interest Group p10
24  Tuesday
  • 9:30am  M: Lifescapes 2-4 *PRQ* p38
  • 10am  M: Spanish Conversation *PRQ* p38
  • 12pm  M: Mini Cracker Barrel - Interest Group p43
  • 12pm  M: Tinnitus: The Puzzle Pieces p30
  • 2pm  M: Using Photo Elements 10 *PRQ* p15
  • 2pm  M: Cracker Barrel - Interest Group p43
25  Wednesday
  • 9:30am  R: Organizing Pictures, Docs, Folders *PRQ* p15
  • 10am  M: Journal for Everyday Life *PRQ* p39
  • 10am  R: Lifescapes at Redfield *PRQ* p38
  • 12pm  M: Spanish-American War p34
  • 12pm  M: Classic Television: "Hey, Kids!" p11
  • 12pm  R: Open Computer Lab p14
  • 2pm  M: Healthy Aging p30
  • 2pm  R: Technology - Interest Group p14
  • 2pm  R: iPhone Tips and Tricks p16
  • Cancelled: Aurora: Nevada Mining Town p33
  • Cancelled: Reluctant Poet p41
  • Cancelled: Geraldine Page and Paul Newman p9
26  Thursday
  • TBA am   OP: Hikers - Interest Group p26
  • 10am  M: Healthy Aging p30
  • 10am  R: Round the Table at Redfield *PRQ* p43
  • 12pm  M: Spanish - Basic p40
  • 2pm  M: Re-Defining Retirement p31
27  Friday: Nevada Day: UNR and OLLI closed

Abbreviations used:
M: Moana Building R: Redfield Campus     OP:  off-premises 
p#: catalog page     *PRQ*:  prior Pre-Registration required

Directions to Moana Building

Although the official address is 604 West Moana Lane,
the entrance to the building and parking lot is actually on Grant Drive. 

Take I-580 (exit 64), U.S. 395, or South Virginia Street to Moana Lane.
Turn WEST onto Moana.
Turn SOUTH/left onto Grant, just past the firehouse on the corner.
The building will be on your right. Additional parking is available across the street on your left, south of the firehouse.
Parking in either lot is free.
The RTC #6 bus stops on the corner of Moana and Grant.

Pre-Registration for Tea & Symphony

Email pre-registration for Tea and Symphony on Tuesday, Oct 31 (new date) will begin at 9am on Monday, Oct 16. See p.19 of the catalog for event details.

Pre-registration instructions:
1. Send an email message to between 9am - 9pm on Monday, Oct 16.  Note: messages sent before 9am will not be considered.
2. Put "Tea&Symphony" in the subject line, and give your name and phone number in the message.
3. Maximum of two names per email and both must be OLLI members.
4. If you do not have access to email, call 1-775-241-8474 (include area code) after 10am on Oct 16 and leave a voicemail message with your name and phone number. 

Each pre-registration message is automatically time-stamped.
Because space is limited, the Events Committee will do a random drawing for the available slots from all of the email and voice messages received between 9am - 9pm on Oct 16. You will be notified as soon as possible whether you are on the attendee or wait list for the event.

ORIENTATION Monday, Oct 16

New/prospective members: Join us at noon on Monday, 10/16 at the Moana Building to learn more about OLLi's programs and procedures and how to use the OLLI catalog to help you find all the classes and events OLLI offers.  If you haven't yet paid your 20127-2018 membership ($55 for the academic year) you will be able to do so in person.

TW@O: Oct 16 - 20

This week at OLLI:
16  Monday
  • TBA am OP: Walkers/Light Hikers p26
  • 9am  Email Pre-reg: Tea and Symphony *PRQ* p19 (note: pre-reg instructions will be posted on 10/15)
  • 10am M: Rants from the Hill p41
  • 10am M: French Conversation p40
  • 12pm M: Women of Substance p29
  • 2pm M: Chorus - Interest Group p10
17  Tuesday
  • 8:45am  OP: Tour: North Sails in Minden *PRQ* p22
  • 9:30am M: Lifescapes 1-3 *PRQ* p38
  • 10am M: Spanish Conversation *PRQ* p38
  • 10am M: Classical Music p11
  • 12pm M: Mini Cracker Barrel - Interest Group p43
  • 2pm M: Cracker Barrel - Interest Group p43
18  Wednesday
  • 9:30am OP: Fit & Strong *PRQ* p28
  • 10am M: Journal for Everyday Life *PRQ* p39
  • 10am M: Zero Waste Household p44
  • 10am M: Reading Poems Together p38
  • 12pm R: Open Computer Lab p14
  • 4:30pm M: Intergenerational Memoir Discussions *PRQ* p29
  • Cancelled: Reluctant Poet p41
  • Cancelled: Geraldine Page and Paul Newman p9
19  Thursday
  • TBA am OP: Hikers - Interest Group p26
  • 10am M: Great Books - Interest Group p39
  • 10am M: Acupuncture p30
  • 12pm M: Secure Retirement p24
  • 12pm M: Spanish - Basic p40
  • 2pm M: Big Questions p37
20  Friday
  • 9:30am M: Drop-in Watercolors p9
  • 12pm M: Genealogy - Interest Group p32
  • 12pm M: French - Advanced p39
  • 2pm R: Reno's Chinatown p33
  • Cancelled: Shakespeare/Original Pronunciation p40
  • Cancelled: Fake News p44
  • Cancelled: Gays in the Theatre p11
Abbreviations used:
M: Moana Building R: Redfield Campus     OP:  off-premises 
p#: catalog page     *PRQ*:  prior Pre-Registration required