URGENT: FINAL MESSAGE from the OLLI President. March 19, 2018

Please come to the LAST meeting of OLLI’s Board of Directors on
Tuesday, March 20, at 3pm in the Moana Lecture Hall.

from Lynne Gray:
Dear OLLI Membership,
For those of you who have not yet heard, UNR summarily declared OLLI’s Bylaws to be “null and void” on March 15, 2018.  This action means the immediate dissolution of our elected Board of Directors and our committee structure as currently constituted and managed by the OLLI Board and its President. 
OLLI's Board of Directors were given no prior notice that this process was going on - we were not consulted about it in any way, nor offered any opportunity for input or review.  
Instead, the new governance document -- already drafted by University General Counsel, approved by the UNR Faculty Senate last week and signed by UNR President Johnson -- was forwarded to the OLLI Board late Friday afternoon by the Executive Director as "Information for OLLI Board Meeting"
Among other things, the document states:

  • “The Executive Director shall develop policies and procedures... OLLI shall not have bylaws. The policies and procedures shall be the governing documents for the program. Any previously existing bylaws are now null and void..."
  • “The Executive Director shall be responsible for developing and managing the budget..."
  • “OLLI shall have an Advisory Council. The advisory council shall be composed of OLLI members, who are volunteers, and shall consist of no less than 10 and no more than 20 members. No more than five (5) advisory council members shall be appointed by the Executive Director; other advisory council members shall be elected by the OLLI membership.
  • “The role of the advisory council is to offer input to the Executive Director as requested..."
  • "OLLI may have standing committees, as determined by the Executive Director following input from the Advisory Council.”   
A link to the entire document is provided at the end of this message.
OLLI’s final Board of Directors meeting is this Tuesday afternoon, March 20, at 3pm in the Moana building. 
President Johnson is scheduled to attend “to answer any questions you may have about the changes.”  OLLI Board meetings have always been open to all interested members - and although technically there is no longer an OLLI Board of Directors, this meeting should provide an important opportunity to have President Johnson address all OLLI members and volunteers who might want to hear his and Carol Parkhurst's vision for OLLI’s future.
I urge you to attend and to invite any other OLLI members, friends and contributors you think might be interested. 
Inviting OLLI’s wider “stakeholders” to this extremely crucial meeting is a fitting way for me to end a Presidency in which I have worked hard to support collaboration, communication and teamwork among our hundreds of volunteers.  I hope we will demonstrate a fundamental point at this meeting - that OLLI has many, many extremely competent, dedicated and concerned members and volunteers who have successfully guided its operations for over 10 years, and who care passionately about its future - deeply enough to show up for this meeting on very short notice. 
We all share the belief that ‘our’ member-directed OLLI has been uniquely suited to our particular Reno membership and therefore, uniquely successful among the majority of other OLLI’s that are far more expensive and have been university staff-directed from their beginnings.  
I know that most of us can support an OLLI governance structure that acknowledges the university’s financial oversight authority and our need to adhere to institutional policies and procedures. One that relieves our VOLUNTEER leaders of any decision-making authority, however, is a different matter.
This second, pre-emptive and unilateral move on the part of the University -- the first being the appointment of Carol Parkhurst as Executive Director last year - also without any prior consultation, collaboration or input from the OLLI membership or its leaders -- demonstrates a profound lack of consideration and respect for us, and for the years of capable service to OLLI that have been contributed by hundreds of dedicated volunteers. 
For me personally, the most salient issue is the astonishing dismissal of our Board’s accomplishments and successful stewardship of OLLI at UNR for well over 10 years.  The absence of collegiality, collaborative decision making and transparency demonstrated by the University’s recent actions betrays a total lack of respect and consideration for our members and our Board of Directors, many of whom are UNR alumni and supporters.
Each of us must make our own decisions about these things.  For me, being summarily relieved of our elected positions without warning, consultation or appreciation for our institutional knowledge, demonstrated competence and leadership abilities, is a bridge too far.
I remain hopeful for OLLI’s continuing success, and wish its new leader all the best.  I hope you will all do the same.  Change happens.  I want only the best for OLLI as it moves into a new era with new leadership. Please join us on Tuesday.
I welcome your comments, questions and feedback - please feel free to contact me anytime at lynnegray1@gmail.com.

Dr. Lynne E. Gray
President, OLLI at UNR

Document: UNR's Changes to OLLI Governance
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Cancellation Notice Glitch

When OLLI classes were cancelled on Friday I posted that information on the OLLI Reno News site at 9am. Unfortunately the email service used by ORN somehow never sent out messages with that update.  

So if/when we have any more weather emergencies, please do the following:
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From now on This Week at OLLI listings will be published on Saturday mornings to avoid conflicting with any week-day notices.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any problems this email glitch may have caused.

Alice Yucht
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TW@O March 19 - 23, 2018

FYI: All of our presenters are volunteers who committed to specific dates for this semester months in advance. But sometimes Life Happens, and a presenter may have to cancel due to illness, family or work situations, etc.  Because the current semester's calendar is already set, the Curriculum Chairs try to reschedule any cancelled programs for the next semester.

This Week at OLLI:
Note: cancellations and/or schedule changes are listed in bold.

19  Monday
  • TBA am  O: Walkers/Light Hikers p31
  • 10am M: French Conversation p48
  • 10am M: It's a Verdi Thing p38
  • 2pm M: Chorus p9
  • 2pm R: Science, Religion, and Politics p59
20  Tuesday
  • 9:30am M: Lifescapes p45
  • 10am M: Spanish Conversation *PRQ* p45
  • 12pm R: Animal Intelligence - Part II p59
  • 2pm M: Cracker Barrel p51
21  Wednesday
  • 10am M: Journal for Everyday Life *PRQ* p46
  • 10am M: One Immigrant’s Trail to Comstock Silver p38
  • 10am M: Reading Poems Together p46
  • 12pm M: Open Computer Lab p16
  • 12pm M: Reno-Tahoe Entertainment p13
  • 2pm M: More Forgotten Films: Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius (1989, 105min.) p14
  • 2pm M: Using Photo Elements 10 *PRQ* p18
22  Thursday
  • TBA am O: Hikers p28
  • 9:30am M: Great Decisions - 2018 p52
  • 10am M: Science, Religion, and Politics p59
  • 10am R: Round the Table at Redfield *PRQ* p53
  • 12pm M: Spanish - Basic p47
  • 12pm O: Our Journey to Inner Peace p29
  • 2pm CANCELLED: Home Means Nevada p39
  • 2pm M: Using Photo Elements 10 *PRQ* p18
  • 2pm O: Metaphysics p29
23  Friday
  • 9:30am M: Drop-in Watercolors p10
  • 12pm M: Aurora: Nevada Mining Town p39
  • 12pm M: French - Advanced p46
  • 2pm M: Behind the Curtain: LGBT in Theatre p14
  • 2pm M: Using Photo Elements 10 *PRQ* p18
Abbreviations used:
M: Moana Building   R: Redfield Campus     OP:  off-premises 
p#: catalog page     *PRQ*:  prior Pre-Registration required

TW@O March 12 - 16, 2018

This week at OLLI:
12  Monday
  • TBA am O: Walkers/Light Hikers p31
  • 10am M: French Conversation p48
  • 10am M: Pop Culture During World War II   p42
  • 12pm M: Mystery Books p48
  • 12pm M: Women of Substance p53
  • 2pm M: Mystery Group Movie El Cuerpo
  • 2pm M: Chorus p9
  • 2pm R: De-Mystifying Economics p25
13  Tuesday
  • 9am M: Canine Companions for Independence *PRQ* p31
  • 9:30am M: Lifescapes p45
  • 10am M: Spanish Conversation *PRQ* p45
  • 10am O: Free Tour: Peppermill Geothermal Tour *PRQ* p23
  • 10am R: Nature Lovers' Book Group p56
  • 12pm M: Classical Music p13
  • 12pm M: Photo Editing Help Sessions p17
  • 12pm R: Nature Film: The Big Year  p58
  • 2pm M: Cracker Barrel p51
  • 2pm M: One-Om-One ©   *PRQ* p30
14  Wednesday
  • 10am M: Exploring and Writing the American Southwest p42
  • 10am M: Journal for Everyday Life *PRQ* p46
  • CANCELLED: Theodore Roosevelt p37
  • 10am R: Lifescapes p45
  • 12pm M: Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire p49
  • 12pm R: Open Computer Lab p16
  • CANCELLED: Geraldine Page and Paul Newman
15  Thursday
  • TBA am  O: Hikers p28
  • 10am M: Great Books p48
  • 10am M: Truth About Preparing to Downsize p32
  • 10am O: Free Tour: Peppermill Geothermal Tour *PRQ* p23
  • 12pm M: Spanish - Basic p47
  • 12pm O: Our Journey to Inner Peace p29
  • 2pm M: Big Questions p51
  • 2pm M: TED Talks: Weather or not p11
  • CANCELLED: R: Chautauqua: John D. Rockefeller - RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 28 p38
16  Friday
  • 10am M: Manage Health and Pain p32
  • 12pm M: Fake News, Fact-Checking, and Filter Bubbles p54
  • 12pm M: French - Advanced p46
  • 12pm M: Genealogy p36
  • 2pm M: Celluloid Closet: LGBT in the Movies p13

Abbreviations used:
M: Moana Building   R: Redfield Campus     OP:  off-premises 
p#: catalog page     *PRQ*:  prior Pre-Registration required