Cracker Barrels CANCELLED for Tuesday, Aug 30

Both Mini-Cracker Barrel (12pm) and Regular Cracker Barrel (2pm) will NOT meet on Tuesday, Aug. 30.
Orientation for new members is using Nelson Main all day.

TW@O: Aug 29 - Sept 2

This Week at OLLI:
  • TBD-am OP: OLLI Walkers/Light Hikers
30 Tuesday
  • TBD-am OP: OLLI Kayakers
  • 10am L: Orientation p6,22
31 Wednesday
  • TBD-am OP: OLLI Extreme Hikers
  • 9:05am: Online Pre-reg begins: Urban Roots Tour p24 
  • 10am NS: French
  • 12pm NM: Basic Botany: Sierra Evergreen Trees p60
1 Thursday
  • TBA-am OP: OLLI Hikers p35
  • 10am NS: Great Books p49
  • 2pm NS: Big Questions p47
  • 2pm R: Veterinarian’s Unusual Career Odyssey p62
2 Friday
  • 12pm NM: Genealogy - Interest Group p41
  • 2pm L: Square Dancing Introduction p14
  • 8pm R: Stargazing at Redfield Campus p66
Abbreviations used:
L: Laxalt Auditorium     NM: Nelson Main     NS: Nelson Small
OP:  off-campus     R: Redfield Campus
p#: Fall catalog page     *PRQ*:  prior Online Pre-Registration required
posted on August 26, 2016

Corrections to Fall Catalog

Correct info:
  • p. 8:  Acting Workshop with Lena Covello:  pre-registration required: email
  • p.12 (footnote):  OLLI Orientation is on Tuesday, August 30 at 10am in Laxalt Auditorium.
  • p.18:  Picasa editing program:  pre-registration required: email
  • p.19: Using Photoshop Elements: pre-registration required: email
  • p.19: Technology Interest Group meets at Redfield on Tuesdays, not Thursdays.
  • p. 22:  Tea and Symphony:  is on Friday, Sept 30.
  • p. 24: Free Local Tour: Cruisin’ the Amazon. Pre-registration begins on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 9:05am
  • p. 63: The Geology of Nevada: Redfield presentation is on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 2pm.

TW@O: Aug 22 - 26

This Week at OLLI:
22 Monday
  • TBD-AM OP: OLLI Walkers/Light Hikers
  • 2pm NM: Get Your Game on!!!
23 Tuesday
  • TBD -AM OP: OLLI Kayakers
  • 12pm NM: Mini Cracker Barrel
  • 12pm NS: Curriculum Meeting
  • 2pm NM: Cracker Barrel
24 Wednesday
  • TBD -AM OP: OLLI Extreme Hikers
  • 10am NS: French
25 Thursday
  • TBD -AM OP: OLLI Hikers
  • 10am R: Round the Table at Redfield
26 Friday
  • 2pm NS: Genealogy
  • 2pm L: Friday Movie: Ragtime /James Cagney, 1981 (155 min)
Abbreviations used:
L: Laxalt Auditorium     NM: Nelson Main     NS: Nelson Small
OP:  off-campus     R: Redfield Campus
*PRQ*:  prior Online Pre-Registration required
posted on Aug 19

Help Wanted: Greeters at Nelson

Interested in meeting other OLLI members while helping OLLI function?
Join fellow members who "staff" the sign-in tables in Nelson Main and Laxalt before a presentation. Come to an organizational meeting for Greeters on Thursday, Aug. 18 from 11am - noon in Nelson Small. 
Contact Inez Butterfield at if you are interested and are unable to attend the meeting.