TW@O: Feb 27 - Mar 3

This Week at OLLI:
27 Monday
  • 10am NM: Protect Yourself from Fraud & Scams p25
  • 10am NS: French Conversation p46
  • 12pm L: Truckee Meadows Open Lands Project p40
  • 12pm NS: Death: Everybody's Doing it p27
  • 3pm NM: OLLI Chorus p12
28 Tuesday
  • 9:30am NS: Lifescapes 2/4 *PRQ* p48
  • 10am NM: Spanish Conversation *PRQ* p49
  • 12pm NM: Mini Cracker Barrel p52
  • 12pm R: Yellowstone Wolves: Rise of Black Wolf p60
  • 12pm L: Chautauqua - Thomas Hart Benton p42
  • 2pm NM: Cracker Barrel p51
1 Wednesday
  • 10am L: Try Clogging *PRQ* p13
  • 10am NM: What does the Red Cross do? p34
  • 10am NS: Create a Website p14
  • 10am OP: Journal for Everyday Life *PRQ* p47
  • 12pm NM: Red Skelton: Classic Television p33
  • 12pm NS: Open Computer Lab p15
  • 2pm L: More Forgotten Films: A Personal Affair (1953) p12
  • 3pm NM: OLLI Travelers: Touring Western Canada; Ireland:The Emerald Isle p52
2 Thursday
  • TBD-am OP: OLLI Hikers p30
  • 10am NM: From Grizzly Bears to the Moon p56
  • 10am NS: Great Books - Interest Group p46
  • 12pm NM: Public Health 101 p32
  • 2pm NM: Big Questions p44
3 Friday
  • 10am L: Rebekah Bogard: Her Life in Art p12
  • 10am R: African Safari p54
  • 12pm NM: Genealogy Interest Group p36
  • 2pm L: Carol King p8
  • 2pm NS: Genealogy for Beginners *PRQ* p36
  • TBA-pm R: Stargazing at Redfield p59
Abbreviations used:
L: Laxalt Auditorium     NM: Nelson Main     NS: Nelson Small
OP: off-campus     R: Redfield Campus
p#: catalog page     *PRQ*: prior Pre-Registration required
posted on February 24, 2017

Tours and Travel committee

The Tours and Travel Committee contributes to OLLI's commitment to lifelong learning by organizing and leading tours to local and out-of-town destinations. These destinations are chosen by the committee for their historical and educational interest. We visit a wide range of locations, including factories, fire stations, museums, historical and archaeological sites, university and state capitol facilities, and farms and gardens. 

We conduct local tours, which are usually free, where members drive themselves and meet at the tour location. We also organize daylong bus trips to destinations that expand our horizons a little farther afield. Along with learning something new on each tour, we also enjoy the social opportunities of touring with fellow OLLI members.

Committee members have opportunities for personal development in researching, organizing, and conducting the tours. We work with the tour sites, restaurants, bus company, and the OLLI Curriculum Committee to set up each tour. We look for knowledgeable experts to lead and accompany each tour. We also handle the tour reservations, keeping an accurate list and reminding members of their upcoming reservations.

At the OLLI office, the committee maintains a bulletin board of OLLI tour topics, and a table for take-home travel literature and brochures.

For more information, please contact Connie Douglas, Tours and Travel committee Chair at

TW@O: Feb 20 - 24

This week at OLLI:
20 Monday President's Day: UNR and OLLI closed
21 Tuesday
  • 9:30am NS: Lifescapes 1/3 *PRQ* p48
  • 10am L: Classical Music: Special Guest Chris Morrison on Tan Dun, Wu Man, and Chinese musical instruments. p9
  • 10am NM: Spanish Conversation *PRQ* p49
  • 12pm NM: Mini Cracker Barrel p52
  • 2pm L: Nevada's First 150 Years p38
  • 2pm NM: Cracker Barrel p51
  • 3pm NS: OLLI Board Meeting
22 Wednesday
  • 10am L: Try Clogging *PRQ* p13
  • 10am NS: Reading Poems Together p49
  • 10am OP: Journal for Everyday Life *PRQ* p47
  • 10am R: Lifescapes at Redfield *PRQ* p48
  • 12pm L: Birds of Galena Creek p55
  • 12pm R: Open Computer Lab p15
  • 2pm L: More Forgotten Films: Come and Get it (1936) p12
  • 2pm NS: Feldenkrais Method *PRQ* p28
  • CANCELLED: Technology Interest Group p15
23 Thursday
  • TBD-am OP: OLLI Hikers p30
  • 10am R: Round the Table 2 *PRQ* p52
  • 12pm NM: Trends in War & Terrorism p25
  • 12pm NS: Advanced French Conversation
  • 2pm NM: ABC's of Caregiving p26
  • 2pm R: Opera p10
24 Friday
  • 9:30am NM: Drop-in Watercolors p10
  • 10am L: How Chaucer became Chaucer p47
  • 10am R: Hot Springs in Nevada p57
  • 12pm NM: Serving in the Forests of Malawi p53
  • 2pm NM: Angels at the Bedside p26
  • 2pm NS: Genealogy for Beginners *PRQ* p36
Abbreviations used:
L: Laxalt Auditorium     NM: Nelson Main     NS: Nelson Small
OP:  off-campus     R: Redfield Campusp
#: catalog page     *PRQ*:  prior Online Pre-Registration required
posted on February 17, 2017

President's Message, 2/15/17

OLLI@UNR is celebrating its 10th anniversary this Spring and we want you to participate and enjoy the activities. A lot has been accomplished as OLLI now has almost 2000 members and offers over 400 programs a year.  We started the celebration with a special “Anniversary “ edition of our Spring 2017 Catalog which includes a listing of 10 year presenters as well as anniversary activities.  
In addition to the special catalog, OLLI will hold 2 events for members this spring.  A “High Tea” at the Sands on May 24th will honor 10 year presenters and faculty; members who have contributed much time and effort to build our programs and others who have have helped transform our OLLI into the 3rd largest and a model for of OLLI’s nationwide.  
To acknowledge OLLI’s growing role in our University and Truckee Meadows Community, we are cosponsoring a nationally distinguished speaker with the UNR Sanford Center. Wendy Spencer, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Services (CNCS) will address OLLI members, UNR faculty, and community members on April 18 at 4 pm.  CSCN funds organizations such as VISTA, AmeriCorps, and RSVP.  The program will be moderated by Brent Boynton and include the UNR President, the mayor of Reno, and Lynne Gray, OLLI Vice President.   More specific information will be forthcoming but please put these dates on your calendar and join our 10 year celebrations. They will be memorable!
--Ralph Jaeck, President, OLLI Board of Directors

CANCELLED: Feldenkrais class on Feb 15

The class at Redfield on Weds Feb 15 has been cancelled.  
The Feb 22 class at Nelson is still on, and does not require pre-registration.
posted on Feb 12, 21017